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SnackDown 2021

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Gear up for Rounds 1A & 1B.

Round 1A will commence from October 21, 21:00 (IST), and end on October 23, 2021.

Round 1B is scheduled to begin from October 29, 21:00 (IST), and end on October 31, 2021. For further information, please check your email.

SnackDown 2021 is now bigger!

That’s right, SnackDown 2021 brings with itself a huge cash prize for the coding Crown Prince/Princess, along with grand prizes for runners-up up to 25th position. That's not all - there are prizes for multiple categories!

Refer to Win Cool Goodies & Prizes

Become a SnackDown 2021 Representative & win big by referring coders from your college/company/school. There are other options to refer and win too.

Practice & Learn

SnackDown 2021 brings to you two Practice Contests with past SnackDown problems. Video Editorials and preparatory classes will also be there to ensure that you are ready to face this unique challenge when the time is ready.

The Ultimate Programming Showdown Is Back!

India’s most prestigious programming competition is all set to begin this October.

SnackDown is India’s global programming event that invites coders from all over the world - everyone from middle/high school to colleges to working professionals from the industry, to make an attempt to take home the coveted crown of SnackDown champion.

Hosted by CodeChef, the 6th edition of SnackDown is unique & better, and open to anyone with a knack for programming.


SnackDown 2021 will be an Individual competition

SnackDown 2021 will be an Individual competition due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Unlike its previous versions, SnackDown 2021 will not be a team event.

The Round 1A of SnackDown is scheduled on Oct 21, 2021.

Ends on October 23, 2021 at 21:00 IST

Participate & Win Exciting Prizes!

1st Prize - $10000 2nd Prize - $7500 3rd Prize - $5000

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Prepare YourSelf. We have enormous Resources for you

The only tool you need to win the SnackDown 2021 is your computing brain. You better get practising with our video resources.


The SnackDown 2021 is open for registration from September 2nd. The first Online Round is scheduled on Oct 15, 2021.


Check out the registration criteria, terms of the contest, format of the various rounds and judging criteria among others.


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