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Practice & Learn

Practice Contest

To help you prepare and be ready, we have a series of practice contests for all of you. There will be new practice problems for both beginners and advanced level coders on every alternate day. Along with, the video editorial for the previously released practice problem will be available for your perusal.


Who can participate in this Contest ?

The beginner level contest is for all the Division 3 coders or programmers who are very new to this field.

What you will achieve ?

By solving these practice questions, you can pick up a new skill and learn new concepts with each question.


Who can participate in this Contest ?

The advanced level coders (Division 2 or not entirely new to programming).

What you will achieve ?

You will learn more advanced topics and work on your existing programming skills as well.

Contest Details

The Contest Begins on September 20th 2021.

Preparation Series Videos

SnackDown Preparation Series is a month-long preparatory series that will set you up for the big challenge. Hosted four days a week on our YouTube channel, it is available for everyone from beginner to advanced. This will be your one-stop solution to being SnackDown ready!


DSU + Minimal Spanning Trees and its Algorithms - (Coming Soon)

Shortest Path Algorithms in Graphs - (Coming Soon)

Basics of Segment Trees and Range Queries - (Coming Soon)

Sparse Tables & Least Common Ancestor - (Coming Soon)


Strong Connectivity and Topological Sort in Graphs - (Coming Soon)

Flows & Cuts in Graphs - (Coming Soon)

Linear algebra and gaussian elimination - (Coming Soon)

Lazy Segment Trees - (Coming Soon)