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SnackDown 2021

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Anyone with a knack for programming and access to the Internet.


To take part in the contest, you must have a CodeChef account. If you don't have one, create your CodeChef account.

You need to have a completed profile (fill up all the mandatory fields if you have not done so already). To complete your profile, you can go to your My accounts page on CodeChef.

You need to register for the contest before you can participate.


The contest will consist of multiple rounds, with contestants progressing in every round as stated below.

01 | Qualification Round

02 | Round 1A

03 | Round 1B

04 | Pre-elimination round

05 | Elimination Round

05 | Online Finale

Judging Criteria

Contestants will be ranked as per the number of problems solved

The qualification round, round 1A and 1B will use score based ranking system.

The pre-elimination, elimination & final round will use ICPC styled ranking system.

Problem Statements in Translated Languages

The problem statements will be available in four different languages






As a contestant, you are expected to adhere to these terms, failing which, you will be disqualified from the contest at any stage and will not be eligible for any prizes. Your submission into the contest shall be taken as your agreement to the terms below.

01 | Prizes/Certificates

02 | Disqualification

03 | Verifying Eligibility

04 | Disclaimer