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01. Leaderboard Latest

Referral Leaderboard

The final leaderboard for the SnackDown 2021 Referral Scheme can be downloaded

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02. Eligibility

To be eligible to win under the Referral Scheme, you must be a registered SnackDown user.

03.  Refer Friends & Win Big

Refer your friends and win cool SnackDown merchandise

You know what they say- "It's always more fun to share with everyone". So Invite your friends and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

200 Friends
INR 3500 gift voucher + Goodie
100 Friends
INR 2000 gift voucher + Goodie
50 Friends
INR 1000 gift voucher + Goodie
25 Friends
INR 500 gift voucher
15 Friends
INR 250 gift voucher

Note -

Reward type and Mode

All rewards will be in the form of Amazon Vouchers for Indians. For foreign nationals, the reward value will be communicated via email, and will be in cash.

Active registration:

** To be eligible for the rewards, your friend(s) should be an active registration. An active registration is one who has registered and made at least one submission in SnackDown 2021. An individual who has registered but couldn’t compete in SnackDown 2021 is an inactive registration and doesn’t belong to this category. All the registered participants are expected to abide by CodeChef’s Code of Conduct.

04. Terms & conditions

One needs to be registered as a participant on CodeChef SnackDown 2021 to refer friends and colleagues.

You can refer to join CodeChef SnackDown 2021 via your Facebook/Twitter profile or through email service providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook.

CodeChef reserves the right to decide the prize winners for the referral contest.

Referral links will be tagged with unique tracking codes, which will later be used to validate and decide the genuineness of the referrals.

By using fake profiles to increase referral rewards, you will be barred from the referral contest at CodeChef's discretion.

If an invitee gets referral invites from multiple participants, CodeChef reserves the right to determine allocation of the referral credit.

By submitting the referral form, you will be considered to abide to the Referral Terms and Conditions.